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About Me

Hi there! Hopre you are doing well!

am Martin from Aachen, and on this little corner of the Internet I document my journey regarding clothing and my own personal style. I give you my experiences and comprehensive reviews of items/gear I use , while I am constantly on the lookout for opinions, points of view, feedback, discussions and inspiration.

I have a background in chemistry, since I used to study it for a few years. This is part of my interest in techwear, and I get more and more of a grasp how functional clothing works and what it is designed for.

I also have a background in IT (I am a trained computer scientist in systems integration), so I rented a linux server, installed a webserver on it and maintain the whole site by myself, allthough I use a content management system for the website.

Since photography gets to be more and more of a passion, I try to improve my photography and videography gradually – if you want to, please leave feedback wherever you can, I want to see what parts of my images touched you.

If you want to see more of my content, consider subscribing to me on Tumblr, InstagramTwitter, Reddit or Pinterest.

If you want to contact me, feel free to write me an email: sewmuchblack[at]