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Lamy Pico REVIEW

Hi, great to see you again!
Since unfortunately the place i stay this eastern doesnt have good enough internet to upload a YouTube video, i have to reschedule the planned content (blog entry plus Video) to next week.
But: I have refilled my favourite ballpoint pen, the Lamy Pico, and want to briefly talk about it.



In my opinion, carrying a nice pen (be it a fountain pen and/or a well made ballpoint pen) is crucial to keeping my thoughts together in a paperback notebook. Lamy makes some of the best ballpoint pens in the market today, and this one is no exception.





The Pico’s key selling point is its size and ability to expand from the tiny capsule-like form its stored in to a full-blown pen length. As soon as you press the knock on its back, it extends the tip and the barrel to 12 cm length. Because ist weight is concentrated near the tip, that makes the pico extremely comfortable even for longer writing sessions.




Also because there is not clip integrated into the design, so the small and slim pen can be carried in any pocket, indepentend of the pocket’s size. But that also has its disadvantages: the pen rolls away easily, only stopped from the small Lamy logo on its side, and slim but long pockets it can disappar completely, making it harder to pull out.




The pen’s outer shell is made out of brass (since mine is a little old, i can see the black paint shipping off on one point), while the interior is made out of plastic.





I got the Lamy Pico gifted by my aunt at least 6 years ago, and I stopped using it, since after the original fill was empty, I kept on using other ballpoint pens of lesser quality while studying. But two weeks ago I found it in my desk and bought some refills (Lamy M22 black) and enjoy writing with it since then.




Speaking of the refill – its quality is fantastic. The ink flows easily, and it is a pleasure writing with this ink. It comes shipped with a 0.7mm point, but is also available in 0.5mm and 1.0mm point widths.





It is available in many colours, such as glossy white, matte black, fluorescent yellow, chrome and others. The refills come in at least blue and black. In terms of price, the Pico ranges from 25 to 35 €, depending on the colour (the standard colours are cheaper then the neon yellow one), while a refill costs about 2.5 €.




Thanks for reading!

Next week I will be able to give you the Casio F-91-W review, thats for sure. Video is done, I just have to get to a place where I can upload it.
See you then!