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2017 – 6 months of more conscious clothing

Hey there! Hope you are doing well and are on the way (or through) to a happy new year!

I now post here irregularly for half a year now, and have some thoughts about my development.

looking back

I have made pictures i really like, some about my clothing (shown on different backgrounds, and from different angles), some about architecture (mostly in Germany).

looking back | worn clothing

Since i want to show you some of them on this blog, here are the most popular clothing pictures from my instagram this year:

Like you can see, i have purchased/discovered a some new items in terms of upper body wear and shoes, while i mainly wear my two cargopants from vintageindustries. These are my only cargopants up to now, so they are the only choice i i want to dress practically – and since i always have something to put in my pockets, this is what i usually end wearing if i dont wear a dress shirt in the office. Regarding footwear, i like to wear my vibram fivefingers the most – they are a really unusual, but very comfortable, way of walking. I only have one shell (a softshell from Icepeak) that i really wear, so this is also a staple piece in my wardrobe and as such shown in many of my pictures.

looking back | architecture

i have taken some interesting photos of architecture, mainly in my hometown Aachen, but also in the rest of North-Rine Westphalia:

I think i have captured some interesting building shapes and different perspectives, and i really like photographing architecture, this urban jungle if you say so.

looking forward

I will broaden my spectrum of clothing a great amount in the next year. I find more and more clothing that fits me better than ever before. I dont own much if these items, since i also want to have clothing with a certain quality, so i still have to save for many items, especially a shell or a backpack for example. I have gotten a new backpack for christmas, which i will review in a few weeks, and i am on my way to find a hardshell that interestingly fits my long arms and my wish of free movement in it well.

I will do some more outdoor activities (bushcrafting and survival as well as climbing), so that will certainly have an impact on my clothing style. I will certainly get some more trousers with cargo pockets, maybe even MOLLE attachment points, and i aim to get a softshell (cargo)pants for more weather resistance.

I like my Nike Air Force Ones very much, but they may be a little bit too small to be fully comfortable … so i will see how often i wear them next year. Also i think waterproof footwear is very important, so trail shoes are great, especially together with my newly sparked wanderlust.

I may have found a sewing course held by a friend of my parents


Even when i only write this blog for only half a year now, i have noticed a change in the way i look at the world. I am much more open to other people’s viewpoints, and am more attentive for interesting places and outfits. I recognize many things in my environment and have a more profound knowledge of the implications of these items (for example if people wear something with a meaning behind it). Also i am more greatful for the fact that i am able to express myself in this way

I dont have many new year’s resolutions – instead i want to improve steadily in my working and hobby relationships and skills, for both of which i have set specific goals that i want to reach. Lets see how that works out :).