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Cargo Trousers on body

After posting the newly changed cargo trousers, I thought I should do some on body pictures, shouldn’t I ?

Outfit Composititon

Since as the first steps in sewing with my sewing maching I did some sleeve alterations to a cheap button-up shirt from New Yorker, I paired the cargo trousers with this black (now) short-sleeved shirt. It is a bit short to be worn tucked in, but especially now that the sleeves fit me length-wise, it drapes well over my body. I also grabbed my red Kufiya (which I acquired some years ago on the leathermarket in Florence, Italy for a few €) to add some colour to the outfit.

My glasses are pretty much a standard accessoire, since I don’t have any other pair of glasses. The watch is a Casio F-91W, a cheap, reliable watch, which has a techy look to it, despite being such a basic level item. I also took my Vans Old Skool with the white laces, since they fitted the weather and I really like the simple look of these shoes.


Without further ado, here are the on-body pictures:

I completely like the look of this shirt and trousers together. Slim on the arms and lower legs, but roomy and comfy on every other part. Having a scarf-like item for extra warmth if the weather is as cloudy as it was at that day is great, but having roomy pockets to store the kufiya in is a great thing, too. I do not like having many pockets if they are unutilised, but having a few extra pockets and actually using them for carrying stuff is great.


I might have used red laces on the shoes to complement the kufiya in a more balanced way. On the other hand side, the red scarf gives the fit a really sharp and interesting single focal point.