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Trouser Treatment 1

I got a sewing machine

After training a bit with old ill-fitting cheap dress shirts from Aldi (German discounter) and New Yorker, I decided to try sewing a cargo trouser into a more techwear-esque appearance. I have some old cargo trousers, bought from a store in Aachen named Francipani, which have a common metal/punk/outdoor cargo trousers appearance. They are very well constructed, with well made buttons and zippers and many, many seams for durability.


I wanted that distinct techwear look on my cargo trousers – snug on the waist, wide on the thighs and tight on the calves. This way, i have a good range of motion with my legs, but are not hindered (physically or stilystically) by a feet opening which is so wide that the cuffs of my trousers are flapping around or hanging awkwardly down whenever I have a leg horizontally.

Changing my trousers

So I measured the minimum width of my cuffs by wrapping a measuring taoe around my foot, also taking measurements from my calves, and marked the desired measurements with tailor’s chalk onto my garment. I took a standard polyester thread and stitched a straight stitch all the way up to my thighs, beginning there at the wides point and tapering down in the direction of my cuffs.

Here is a photo of both pairs of trousers – on the left my second pair of trousers for reference of the old fit, and on the right lies my newly sewn cargo trouser:

I am very well pleased with the achieved look. I will post a pretty snapshot of me wearing them, as soon as I find the right location to shoot something like that.

Plans for the future

In the next few days, I will change some more old clothes of mine, including my second pair of trousers shown above. I will first experiment with zippers, and then try to get a zipper opening into its cuffs, getting a more extreme taper on the bottom.