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So much Black – the beginning of a journey

Hi there!

I am Martin, a young man from west Germany in his mid-twenties, and I will document my journey regarding clothing/fashion in this little corner of the Internet.

Motivation for this blog

I wear primarily black clothing, and plan to start sewing my own clothing pieces, hence the name of the blog – sewmuchblack.

Since clothing takes up more and more space in my personal decisions, and i like to represent myself with what I wear, additional linking to get recognized as a somewhat stylish individual, i want to portrait my thoughts, experiences and influences here on this blog.

Motivation for wearing all black

I think, at the start i should lay out my thoughts why I started to wear much black in the first place:

  • i like the aesthetics of black clothing – elegant and a bit mysterious
  • white clothing reveals the bits and pieces of dirt that collect on clothing much easier
  • I listen to music which is assorted to black clothing – Gothic/Electro/Industrial/Metal/Punk
  • I like to separate myself a bit from other people, standing out a bit as purely myself

I do not wear solely black, though. I also like greys and a bit of white. Regarding colours, my favourite one is red, followed by blue.

Further sources

I also created accounts for this journey on following websites: YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. Feel free to follow me there, too!